WITTENSTEIN systems has brought Fly-by-Wire technology to the specialized vehicle domain.

From Aircraft to Healthcare…

WITTENSTEIN Bristol develops state-of-the-art mechatronics and haptic systems. We are specialists in safety critical and mission critical engineering, with a history of designing Fly-by-Wire flight controls for the aerospace domain.   Our current programmes include active force feedback flight controls, force feedback Steer-by-Wire systems, and haptic medical devices and software for implanted medical devices..

WITTENSTEIN Bristol is a subsidiary of WITTENSTEIN AG, a global mechatronics technology company. WITTENSTEIN’s technology can be found in equipment being used worldwide in locations ranging from the depths of space to deep under the sea bed.

We utilise key actuator and electronics components from the WITTENSTEIN Group to create efficient, tailored solutions to meet individual customer requirements. Access to the specialised component know-how in the WITTENSTEIN Group allows us to develop unique and optimised solutions rapidly and cost effectively.

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