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Company Description


WITTENSTEIN AG is a global technology company headquartered in Igersheim, South West Germany. They are experts in alpha servo drive components, electromechanical products, and servo system solutions. WITTENSTEIN has a presence in more than 40 countries with more than 1,700 employees worldwide.


WITTENSTEIN Bristol was established as a subsidiary of WITTENSTEIN AG in 1999 to develop aircraft active control sticks and force-feel systems. In 2003 the company was renamed WITTENSTEIN aerospace and simulation Ltd. (WA&S Ltd) to emphasise its collaboration with its sister companies WA&S GmbH in Germany and WA&S, Inc in the US. In 2008 it began marketing embedded software products through its High Integrity Systems Division.

Since its establishment WITTENSTEIN Bristol has been engaged with the development of new and innovative systems and software technologies and products aimed at safety related applications for the aerospace, medical and industrial sectors. It has developed its processes to meet the demanding nature of safety systems development. The company is certified to ISO 9001 for high integrity systems and software development.

Together the WITTENSTEIN Bristol team delivers considerable in depth experience in the development of safety related systems. It employs experts in embedded real time software development and systems and control development.

Being based in Bristol UK, the company is located within the aerospace centre and the software development heartland of the UK.  We are affiliated to Silicon South West.










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